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  • Telecom & Infrastructure DepartmentDesign, Operate & Maintain critical technical infrastructure and systems where service continuity is critical
  • IT Engineering Consulting DepartmentThe IT experts for your company
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GLOBAL Technologies

International Technology Company

We are specialized in designing, installing, operating and maintaining critical technical infrastructures and systems. We work for companies and organizations in environments where service continuity is vital to operational success such as defense, industry, telecom, network infrastructures and banking.
GLOBAL Technologies provides management and support to our customers throughout the entire project life cycle:
  1. THINK Phase: Network Design & Architecture, Master Plan & Business Plan
  2. BUILD Phase: Implementation & Roll-out, Testing & Commissioning
  3. RUN Phase: Commercial Launch, Operation, Administration & Maintenance, Training & Know-How Transfer


 With years of experience, a dedicated team and technical expertise GLOBAL Technologies delivers a full range of services to enhance customer capabilities for remote operations and industrialized projects with a high level of security and confidentiality adapted to work effectively anywhere in the world.



Telecom & Infrastructure

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